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1) Communal Prayer

As once with Abraham, so again today God wants us to turn to him in prayer, so that, through the fidelity of a little flock, mankind may find the right way. A "critical mass" can trigger a revolution - both spiritually and sociologically (breaking the "spiral of silence"). Moreover, Christians should expand their horizons and also include in their prayers issues from public life - the "globalisation of prayer".

An aid in this direction would be a short prayer, prayed at a specific time of day. Participants in “Europe for Christ” commit to pray an “Our Father for a Christian Europe” each day at noon.

2) Common Action

This aspect of the project should, in one respect, be a laying bare the truth - identifying problems and false directions uncompromisingly, and in another involve conveying the right sort of knowledge for an understanding of the cultural developments. Here we have in mind especially those issues that lie at the point of intersection between Christian morality and political life.

Seven themes

- the culture of life /human dignity

- the family, husband and wife, sexuality

- Christian social teaching

- freedom, tolerance, living in harmony with other religions

- separation of Church and State (its authentic meaning)

- religion and education

- Christianity and history (the identity of Europe, the identity of Christianity, Christianity and the history of ideas (political ideas, human dignity...); the "darker chapters" in the history of the Church.

Those participating in this prayer campaign should be able to find, in a monthly newsletter, materials for further study, information on current developments in these fields, and suggested topics for European-wide prayer.

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