EU-citizenship initiative to protect the human embryo

Dear friends,

today we would like to address you with a very important cause: the European Citizenship Initiative “One of Us”. It is very easy for everyone to support it.

Together with all the EU member states we want to take a stance for a broad protection of life! We demand that the EU stop financing any activities that entail the destruction of human life.

Please find more information on and sign online here (depending on your nationality you might need your passport number).

Any EU citizen eligible to vote may sign until May 10, 2013 (in some countries, not Austria, one can sign until November 2013). If you live in Austria and you want to collect signatures in Austria (of Austrian citizens) you can use these forms.

Only if your friends and family sign as well, will we be able to reach our goal of collecting at least 1 million signatures in all of Europe. We want to encourage you to become a proponent of “One of Us” and commit to collecting at least 100 signatures yourself! Please let us know if you would like to join the proponents.

Thank you for your precious help!

Yours, Gudrun and Martin Kugler

For the team of Europe for Christ!