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The author of the article entitled “Dealing With Political Correctness” Marguerite Peeters is the Director of the Brussels-based Institute for Intercultural Dialogue Dynamics, which monitors global cultural, political and ethical change.

In her contribution to the publication „Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse“, she describes the challenges that Christians face in front of the new global ethic which pours into a global politically correct new language.

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THE SUMMARY of the article: “Dealing With Political Correctness”

Originating in the postmodern intelligentsia that led the cultural revolution process in the West since the 1960s, a politically correct ethic became systemic in the Western world and through it also globally normative in the 1990s. In its radical aspects, it is essentially secularist and incompatible with an ethic that is open to transcendence. This new ethos deconstructs what is universally human by changing the language.

Words that have become “politically incorrect” are substituted by politically correct notions:

- the spouse by partners,

- the family by the family under all its forms,

- representation by participation,

- education by awareness-raising,

- justice by non-discrimination,

- sovereignty by global governance,

- complementarity of the sexes by gender equality,

- creation by Mother Earth or the Earth.

Therefore, the author asks, “How long will people be able to keep their eyes closed to the reality of the bitter anthropological, cultural, political and economic consequences of this revolution – to silence, for instance, the suffering of the post-abortion syndrome, the social cost of divorce, the drastic socioeconomic consequences of Europe’s demographic winter?”

Political correctness is a consequence of the passivity of the “majority”,
says Peeters. It can only be overcome by:

- overcoming ignorance instead of watching the cultural process from a distance,

- discerning which concepts or terms are useful and which ones are not,

- disentangling Christians from the new ethic by realizing how much we have ourselves already internalized,

- by identifying the cracks in the system, namely those concepts and terms which are illogical,

- by not being afraid to publicly stand by what is true and good.

Read here the full text by Marguerite Peeters in English.


Dealing With Political Correctness” is a contribution to the publication „Exiting a Dead End Road. A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse“ (2011, Kairos Publications, edited by Gudrun and Martin Kugler). You can buy the entire book as e-Book or hard copy – please find the description and the conditions here.


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