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We Christians in Europe have a shared problem. We are being pushed aside more and more and increasingly we have to apologise for and justify our own convictions.


In October 2005 the Italian culture minister, Rocco Buttiglione wrote in a major Italian daily demanding "Stop discrimination against Christians too". And this despite the fact that Europe has been profoundly shaped by the living Gospel. Concepts such as human dignity and human rights, social justice, our hospitals and our universities are all inspired by Christian ideas!


"Europe for Christ" aims to strengthen self-confidence among the Christians of Europe. Monthly information bulletins will supply the necessary background information. Then each of us must use our own initiative. We must be courageous! Our society needs the light of Christ, and so do our environment, our country and the European Union too.


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P.S. And please don't forget to pray the Our Father each day for a Europe based on Christian values!



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"It would be a political falsehood (...) for Europe to reduce the phenomenon of the Church and the phenomenon of Christians merely to an interior aspect of our human existence, as though these realities were entirely private affairs and of no importance in politics and public life."

Giovanni Lajolo, 13 September 2005.



About the "Europe for Christ" newsletters


Well-known personalities tackle various topics involving Christianity and society. The bulletin aims to be brief and concise; hence it cannot exhaustively tackle any of the important and interesting issues raised by the "Europe for Christ" initiative. It can do no more than summarise the arguments, offer further ideas and suggestions and point to published literature on the topic.



The idea behind the "Europe for Christ" initiative


The political and cultural crisis in Europe has dramatically intensified in in recent years. And although the extent of this crisis is in no way hidden from us, many Christians appear to remain passive in the face of it. "Europe for Christ" aims to encourage Christians to emerge from this voluntary, and often involuntary, ghetto. Faith must embrace every aspect of our existence. Nobody should imagine they are dispensed from bearing witness because of a presumed lack of talents and abilities. The first step is the willingness to pray for specific issue in public life.

A year ago a practising Christian, Rocco Buttiglione, was dismissed from his office as EU Commissioner because of his family-based political and moral convictions. For many of us this was a warning signal and a wake-up call. At the same time, however, many people responded with a paralysing pessimism.

"Europe for Christ" aims to reinforce the hope that a great deal can indeed be changed for the better in European public life if Christians are only willing to become involved for this intention.



Aims of "Europe for Christ"


- that Christians may come to better know and appreciate the profound impact upon our continent of the living Gospel and so establish our peaceful coexistence upon a sounder basis.

- that all people may commit themselves increasingly to the respecting of Christian

convictions in public life.

- that all Christians may be aware of their own responsibility for the development of our European society and pray and act accordingly.

- that in their concern for Europe Christians may feel a more powerful sense of unity with their brothers and sisters in Faith.



Recommended further reading:

• Joseph Weiler. A Christian Europe.

• Joseph Ratzinger and Marcello Pera. Without roots - Relativism and the crisis of European