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“Finally a time without ideologies!” most of the people would rejoice today. But is that really true? Or are ideologies today simply harder to detect?


An ideology can be recognised in being pursued at any cost, even if facts speak against it. Contradicting facts are cleverly bent or silenced. Historical facts are changed to “fit” the ideology and critical voices are ridiculed or hushed up.


Doesn’t this remind us of some European debates on topics dear to us Christians? From many possible examples we chose this one for this letter: the right to life of the unborn. Every third European is somehow personally confronted with abortion. But nobody talks about it.  


Mother Teresa broke that taboo when she received the Nobel Prize in 1979 in Oslo. She spoke clearly and prophetically. Her words strengthen us also today and are a remarkable testimony to many.


Let us pray for a Europe that welcomes all children and let’s have the courage to stand up for it. Let’s pray especially for Portugal where a referendum on the legalisation of abortion is being held on February 11th.



Your “Europe for Christ!” Team



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Mother Teresa Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Oslo 1979, excerpts


I have a conviction that I wish to share with you: The greatest destroyer of peace today is the scream of the innocent unborn child. If a mother can kill her own child in her womb, what crime worse can there be than killing each other? And we read in the scripture, for God says very clearly: "Even if a mother could forget her child, I will not forget you."


But today millions of unborn are being killed and we say nothing. In the papers we read this and that, but no one speaks of the millions of little ones who are conceived with the same love like you and me, with God’s life. And we say nothing, we are silent.


To me, those nations that have legalized abortion are the poorest nations of all. They fear the little ones, they fear the unborn child. And the child has to die, because they do not want this one child – not a single one more – and the child must die. I beg you in the name of the little ones: save the unborn child, recognize the presence of Jesus in him!


When Mary went to Elizabeth to give the good news, and as she came into the house of her cousin, the child – the child in the womb of Elizabeth – lept with joy. He was, that little unborn child was, the first messenger of peace.


This is why we promise here to save every unborn child. Give to each child the possibility to love and be loved. In India we are fighting abortion by adoption. With God’s grace we can succeed. He blesses our work. We have saved thousands of lives, they have found a home where they are loved, wanted, to where they bring joy.


So I ask you, majesties, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, you all from many countries of the world: pray that we have the courage to protect the unborn life.”



Mother Teresa was born in Albania in 1910 and died in Calcutta, India, in 1997. She founded the “Missionaries of Charity”, a community that cares for the poorest of the poor. Orphans, homeless, the dying and sick are taken from the streets into the houses and cared for. Today more than 3000 nuns and over 500 brothers belong to the community in about 710 houses in 133 countries of the world.




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